Posted by: mytriptohaiti | September 24, 2011

Getting Around

Days 1-2 not so much 3

09/22/2011 9am-4pm


I’m not sure about this, but I believe there are no rules of the road in Haiti. On occasion, drivers play a game of chicken. For no reason other than every other person in the country is also driving at that moment, also on that road.

Single lanes moving in one direction often became double and triple lanes. Not to mention a motorcycle, bicycle, and sometimes mule lane. Vehicles are everywhere. All the time. It’s difficult for me to fathom how it flows, but for Haitians, it works.

Yet, traffic jams in Haiti are more like moving tides, waves of various forms of transportation that ebb and flow. The only ‘jam’ is everyone doing everything all the time.


I remember learning Spanish in school and giggling at the page in the workbook that showed the little yellow dog barking in Spanish. What ‘woof woof’ translates to, I forget, but learning that animals, too, speak different languages stuck with me. The same is true for vehicle horns.

We’ve all heard sirens in Britain, whether there or by watching an old movie. Haitians are not shy about using a horn, either. Unlike my use of a car horn, which is hardly ever – I’m much more a blinker user – Haitians have a hand constantly affixed to the horn.

Add all those ‘meep meeps’ from small cars, pickup trucks, box trucks, and taxis the size of buses, and you get a noisy, invigorating lesson in Haitian driving.




  1. I think you will find this in most third world nations. The first time I loaded into a taxi cab in Cochabamba, Bolivia was pretty darned scary! One second we were over here, the next over there, beeping at this person and that one too. It works for them, though. I never once actually saw an accident!

    Have fun!!

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