Posted by: mytriptohaiti | October 4, 2011

Get graffiti, Get going. Art in Haiti.

I love graffiti art.  Whether Pittsburgh or Port-au-Prince, my eyes quickly canvas walls lining each street and alleyway. I was amazed at the beauty and the number of graffiti pieces covering nearly every available wall space, not just in downtown Port-au-Prince, but along the countryside, as well.

Seeing pieces emerge from behind a tap tap meant that my camera was constantly glued to my face; I was afraid to miss a piece. And if I wasn’t able to photograph a specific piece, I’d make a mental note of the location and make sure I was ready the next time we passed by.

Only a map citing each location would have proven more exciting for me. The sheer number of pieces was amazing but none were more inspiring or more beautiful than those created by local artist, Jerry Rosembert.


Here’s a great short video by ABC news that shows the evolution of these pieces and the artist.



  1. Hello Vivian-
    My name is Lisa Harris. I am with The Road to Hope, an organization that supports Jamie and Ali. We are doing an update on Jamie and Ali and have been in contact with them. Instead of bothering them for a couple photos for our newsletter, I am wondering if I may use a couple of yours? The family one and a garden one? my email is I hope your trip was wonderful!
    Lisa Harris

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