Posted by: mytriptohaiti | December 30, 2011

Haiti Welcomes Me and You

I’ve traveled to many countries by all methods of transport, but, I wanted to allow myself to be completely overtaken by everything Haiti had to offer. So, arriving in Haiti was a bit unnerving, truth be told.

Deplaning, walking across tarmac? Nothing new. Filling out mounds of customs paperwork and waiting in line to pass through security check after security check? Also, not new. Following people who obviously knew where they were going? Helpful. An escalator from the airport’s upper level to the lower level? Standard. To catch the bus to baggage claim? Any airport, everywhere.

But this? This was different. This is a baggage claim with heart.

And totally awesome!


So many wonderful and beautiful people greeted me during my week-long venture in and around Port-au-Prince. Individuals and families that Jamie and Ali work with on a daily basis. For all the good these two do, I wasn’t surprised in the least that everyone I met through them was as kind, generous, and giving and Jamie and Ali are.

Smiles as families welcomed me into their modest homes to share food and stories.

Thanks to Haitian Families First, Junia’s (center) two daughters, Daphcar and Schneidine (front) are attending school this year. The cost to send a child to school is equivalent to about four months’ salary in Haiti. This doesn’t include uniforms, school supplies, transportation, or food. Often, the cost means most children are simply left behind.

I fell in love with this family. Those smiles. How could they be left behind?

Even happy little feet.

And love.

Knowing these beautiful little girls have a future ahead of them put a smile in my heart.


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